Acer will also announce Smartphones and Wearable devices at MWC 2015

accer coming soon

As we know that MWC 2015 is going to happen very shortly. So it is obvious that all the people have their eyes on products of major companies that will be announced in this event, like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One (M9) but the Barcelona venue is expected to have a lot more mobile tech in store.

Companies like Acer will also announce specific product on this show. According to a new banner we will be see new phones and wearable device at MWC which is released on Acer Malaysia’s Facebook page. The teaser itself is very ambiguous and holds little information.

According to a new report, for looks Acer will accent on fashionable patterns and materials in its upcoming products. In the banner we can see three images showing the parts of the devices. But to grasp any information from the close-ups is very herculean task. Alongside most major players, Acer also schedules its official MWC event for March 1.

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HTC’s March 1st launch event


The final design of the unannounced HTC One M9 has been revealed through the recent leaks. HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager named Jeff Gordon twitted on Twitter that “the best parts of HTC’s March 1st launch event are the parts you have NO IDEA are coming.”

However it is clear that HTC has much more to reveal at MWC. Perhaps HTC will announced it’s One M9 Plus, that is expected to have a 5.2-inch Quad HD display and a fingerprint sensor. It will be larger, more advanced, and certainly also more expensive than the regular One M9.

As we know that the regular One M9 itself have some surprising features. The smartphone will have a 5-inch 1080p display and will be powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor. The One M9 will run Android 5.0 Lollipop with Sense 7 UI.

In the rear side of the device it has a 20 MP camera and in the front side it has a 5 MP camera. The device will also have 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of expandable storage and the new smartphone will also features BoomSound speakers.

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ZTE Nubia Z9 coming at MWC 2015


As we know that China’s ZTE is going to launch a Smartphone during the MWC 2015 and according to the new rumor ZTE might be announcing its next Nubia flagship smartphone, the ZTE Nubia Z9.

Today a video of the ZTE Nubia Z9 leaked over the web. We can see the video which is quite pleasant. We can also see the device equips a premium build with a metal frame and (possibly) glass covers and it seems that it might have a 5.5-inch or bigger display.

Possibly, ZTE will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor. However we will not be overwhelmed if the company chooses MediaTek’s upcoming MT6795 octa-core SOC, which matches and exceeds Qualcomm’s silicon’s multi-core performance.

It is expected that we will have more info about the Nubia Z9 at the upcoming MWC 2015.

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Sony will uncover Xperia M4 Aqua at MWC

Sony Xperia M4

Today we come with the latest information that Sony will introduce its flagship device Sony Xperia Z4 tablet at MWC event which will be held next week.

The company has also taken a decision to reveal Sony Xperia M4 Aqua, the successor of Xperia M2 Aqua at the upcoming event. This all information surfaced through the leaked document.

The company has taken a quick decision to upgrade Sony Xperia M2 Aqua with Android 5.0 Lollipop OS.

Such type of decision taken by Sony puzzled us as both  Xperia M4 Aqua and Xperia M2 Aqua will run on Lollipop OS and we can’t guess the strategy of Sony.

The one thing we also point that Sony is ignoring the number scheme for its model. As by priority Sony has to come with Xperia M3 Aqua after Xperia M2 Aqua, but it did not follow it.

The revised version of Sony Xperia M4 Aqua will come with the similar “Aqua” moniker as well as the IP68 certification for water and dust resistance comparison to its predecessor Sony Xperia M2 Aqua.

We have no any information about the other specification of the device yet.

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Apple in Trouble – Will have to pay $533 million for patent infringement



Today a decision came against Apple from US court and the court has ordered Apple to give a fine of $532.9 million to Texas-based patent licensing company Smartflash. The court found Apple the guilty for violating the terms related to the patents.

The patents are connected to the digital rights management (DRM), data storage and payment systems.

The company Smartflash alleged Apple for using its iTunes software patents without permission but the Cupertino-based company Apple rejected the claim and declared that the patents were invalid.

The Smartflash also blamed Apple for using its technology for ten years and claimed a relief of $852 million for the recovery from the damage caused by Apple. But According to Apple the patents were only worth $4.5 million.

“Smartflash makes no products, has no employees, creates no jobs, has no U.S. presence, and is exploiting our patent system to seek royalties for technology Apple invented,” said an Apple spokesperson.

It feels that Apple has no mood to pay the fine raised by Smartflash and hence the company is preparing to appeal the decision.

We hope Apple will settle the problem peacefully and quickly so that it came with more new devices for the users in coming days.

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Huawei uncovered the first LTE powered smartband


A smartband that offers LTE connectivity has been introduced by Huawei on Tuesday. It will be the first smartband that will be offer LTE connectivity. It will be interesting to hear that the band will support Huawei’s 4.5G network that is going to unveil commercially next year.

User’s fitness level and heart rate will be measured by this band. If it is considered that it is similar to Huawei’s current smartband than it will have a 1.4-inch OLED screen display and connectivity wise it will have NFC and Bluetooth and be resistant to dust and water. The device will also have an LTE-M chip produced by Neul which is purchased by Huawei last year.

Huawei’s 4.5G LTE network will be capable of producing data speeds as high as 1GB/sec and will help guide Drones and enable VR.

4.5G is “in the middle 4G and 5G” said by Huawei. First time 4.5G pipeline represents a mobile network that is not just focused on people, but is focused on “people and things” said by company president of products and solutions , Ryan Ding.

“4.5G supports up to 100K per cell connections via LTE-M, 100 times that of 4G. LTE-M also provides better coverage. Receivers require just 1/100th of the signal of existing 2G systems, 20dB gain, using low-power terminals.

It is expected that Huawei will launch the new smartband at MWC in Barcelona.

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Microsoft will announce four new Lumia Smartphones at MWC 2015


Not only Samsung and HTC are in the line to announce it’s product in MWC 2015 but rumors are coming that Microsoft will also announce some new Lumia devices there. It is expected that the company will uncover four new devices there.

First device that will be announced in MWC 2015 is Microsoft/Nokia RM-1031. It will be an affordable device and come with a 4-inch 480×800-pixel display. Second device will be Microsoft/Nokia RM-1062 that equips with a 5.7-inch 720p display and comes in several different versions (one of which is AT&T-bound).

Third, the Microsoft/Nokia RM-1072 also comes in several variants and appears to have a 5-inch 720p display. Last device will be Microsoft/Nokia RM-1099, which appears to be an affordable smartphone comes with a 4-inch, 480×800-pixel display.

These devices will expect to debut at upcoming major expo.

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Pre-Order of LG G Flex 2 starts in UK

LG G flex 2

Earlier the Company LG had decided to start the pre-orders from 28th February, 2015. But the pre-order registration is finally started from today for the upcoming LG G Flex 2 for the users of UK.
The Carphone Warehouse has decided to offer LG Flex 2 to its users through pre-orders with contracts via Vodafone, O2, and EE.
The users will have the options to get the device by choosing the plan which starts by paying the installment of £34.50 per month and for that the Vodafone will offer users  talk time of 600 minutes at any network including unlimited texts, and 1GB of 4G data.
The Vodafone also come with another plan for the UK users, on paying £58.50 per month for pre-orders, the users will get free package including LG P7 Bluetooth speaker and Circle case worth £150 via Carphone Warehouse.
After accepting the Pre-orders of the users, it is expected that the shipment of the device will start from 16th March, 2015.

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Leaked image of Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

Sony Xperia Z4


Today the leaked image of 2K display of upcoming Sony Xperia Z4 tablet surfaced on Sony’s Xperia Lounge Android application. The leaked image of Sony Xperia Z4 showed its physical resemblance to its predecessor Sony Xperia Z3 including the rounded metal edges of the device.

We have no much information about the upcoming device except its 10″ display size. We are confirmed that the device will come with water and dust resistance features which is same as its predecessor. It will have IP68 certification for dust and water resistant over 1 meter and 30 minutes.

It is expected that Sony Xperia Z4 tablet will be announced at MWC in Barcelona which will be held on 1st March, 2015.

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Motorola may announce Second-Gen Moto E with 4G LTE Today

Second-gen Moto E

Today we come with the leaked image of the upcoming affordable smartphone Second-Gen Moto E. The rear side of leaked image shows the presence of Internet connectivity and a Verizon Wireless logo.

The Android Police also confirmed “4G LTE” logo on the back of this image. This indicates that the upcoming new model of Moto E will support the faster wireless network, compare to the current version. The leaked image of Second-gen Moto E shows similar back design compare to the current version of Moto E.

At present we have no confirmation about the launching date of Second-Gen Moto E including its specifications.

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