How to make a Conference call on Huawei P9

huawei-p9After the announcement of Huawei P9, the users can know How to make a conference call on Huawei P9.

Making a Conference call

You can set up a conference call using the multi-party call feature on your phone. Call one number (or receive a call), and then call another number to add it to the conference call.
Conference calling requires network support. Please ensure you have activated this service.For details, contact your carrier.

  1.  Call the first participant.
  2.  Once the call is connected, touch Capture 1and then dial the second participant’s number. The first participant will be placed on hold.
  3.  When the second call is connected, touch Capture 2to start a conference call.
  4. To add more people to the call, repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5.  Touch Capture3to end the call.

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