How to increase the battery life of Huawei P9

huawei-p9How to increase the battery life of Huawei P9

Here we are giving some tips on How to increase the battery life of Huawei P9, so that you can enjoy more talk time hours.
Reducing power consumption
Use Phone Manager to optimize performance and reduce power consumption.

Open Capture 01Phone Manager and then touch Battery manager. You can:

  • Optimize performance: Touch Optimize. Your phone will check for power consumption problems and automatically optimize performance. To further reduce power consumption, see Optimizable issues. Select View or Optimize to adjust the power settings manually.
  • Restrict applications: Touch Protected apps and turn off the switch next to the applications that you do not want to run in the background when the screen is locked.
  • Close power-intensive applications: Touch Power usage firewall (power-intensive apps), select the desired applications, and then touch Capture 2to close them.

A message will appear in the notification panel if power-intensive applications are running in the background. If you don’t want to receive such notifications, touch Capture02and then turn off the Power-intensive prompt switch.

  • Reduce the screen resolution: Turn on the Enable ROG power saving switch to reduce the screen resolution for lower power consumption.
  • Automatically close power-intensive applications: TouchCapture02and then turn on the History of closed apps switch.

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