How to block calls or messages on Huawei P9

huawei-p9How to block calls or messages on Huawei P9

After the announcement of Huawei P9, the users can know How to  block calls or messages on Huawei P9of Huawei P9  .

Configuring the harassment filter

The harassment filter automatically blocks calls and messages from unknown or blacklisted sources. The blacklist is constantly updated, ensuring that you are never disturbed.

Open Capture 5Phone Manager, then touch Harassment filter to configure filter rules and the blacklist or whitelist.

You can also open Capture 6Dialer and then touch Capture 9Harassment filter to configure the harassment filter.

Harassment filter

Phone Manager features a harassment filter and notification center to block spam calls and messages and unwanted push notifications.

Open Capture 01Phone Manager. You can:

  • Touch Harassment filter >Capture02 and follow the onscreen instructions to configure a call blacklist or whitelist, keywords, and spam settings.
  • Touch Notification center and select an application to configure its notification permissions and settings.

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