How to take screen shot of LG G5


How to take screen shot of LG G5

After the announcement of LG G5 , now the users can know How to take screen shot of LG G5 by following  steps:-

Press and hold the Volume Down button Capture 1 and the Power/Lock button Capture 2at the same time for 2 seconds to capture a screenshot of the current screen.

To view the captured image, tap the Home Button Capture 3Gallery Capture 5 the Screenshots album.

 Using Capture+ to capture a screenshot

On the screen you want to capture, drag the Status Bar downward and tap Capture+ icon Capture 7 (in the Quick settings bar). The image is captured, but not saved until you tap the Save icon  Capture 7 .

Access the app (QuickMemo+ or Gallery) where you saved it to view your captured image.

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