How to register fingerprint on LG G5

LG-G5How to register fingerprint on LG G5

Now the users can get the information How to register fingerprint on LG G5 through the following steps.

Fingerprints and Security
Fingerprints & security setting allows another secure way to unlock your phone. Set it up to allow you to place a finger on the Power/Lock button Capture 2to unlock the screen, access Gallery and QuickMemo+ content, and pay using your phone. Once you’ve set a secure screen lock, you can record a fingerprint (or multiple fingerprints).

Registering a fingerprint

  1. Tap the Home Button Capture 3 swipe left, if necessary > tap Settings > Fingerprints & security > Fingerprints.
  2. Read the fingerprint information, then tap NEXT.
  3. Enter your unlock sequence or set a screen lock (whichever is needed).
  4. Place your finger on the Power/Lock button and follow the screen prompts until the fingerprint is registered.


  • Make sure that your fingers and the Power/Lock button are clean and dry.
  • Moisture, lotions, sweat, oils, cut or dry skin might affect the fingerprint recognition.
  • Certain activities can also temporarily affect fingerprint recognition, including exercising, showering, swimming, cooking, or other conditions that change the characteristics of your fingerprint.
  • Cover the Power/Lock button completely. Don’t press too hard or too quickly (hardly move your finger while scanning is in progress).
  • As you use the Fingerprint feature, it will continue to learn and improve recognition of your fingerprint.

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