Microsoft Lumia 1050 coming with extraordinary camera

Lumia 1050

As we know Microsoft works hard on the camera section of its smartphones from the beginning. Result of which can be seen in a couple of devices Lumia 950 XL and Lumia 950 which was released this year. Since both of them come with a 20MP sensor and triple LED natural flash based on Microsoft’s PureView technology.

And if we look two years back than we can remind Lumia 1020 which was released on July, 2013 with rear camera of massive 41MP.

Now we have the latest rumored information that the Microsoft has decided to launch Microsoft Lumia 1050, which will be the successor of Lumia 1020.

The reason which forced us to mention the upcoming Microsoft Lumia 1050 is its extra – ordinary camera.

Since there is lots of expectation that it will sport a rear camera of 50MP, which is undoubtedly similar to or more than DSLRs cameras available in the market.

It will be totally camera-centered smartphone or in other words, we can say it a pocket – camera with mobile.

The Lumia 1050’s rear camera is rumored to have a zoom lens, a variable aperture and advanced optical image stabilization along with autofocus features and it will also support 4K video recording. It is also expected that it will come with more advanced features than the currently available Microsoft devices with Pure View cameras.

The other specification of the Microsoft Lumia 1050 will include 4GB RAM, internal storage capacity of 128 GB, which can be further expanded via microSD card.

It will be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and runs on Windows 10 OS. The device will equip a massive battery of 5200mAh.

Now the launching of Microsoft Lumia 1050 will definitely beneficial for those users who have passion for video capturing.

Also it will give the similar quality of images as captured by DSLRs in very low cost compared to the DSLR’s.

The greatest advantage of Microsoft Lumia 1050 is its size and weight comparative to DSLR’s. It can be carried or kept in pocket easily and no needs to carry a weight of 1-2 kg just like DSLR’s.

So the entrances of Microsoft Lumia 1050 will definitely a revolution in the mobile world and also a great challenge for the DSLR’s makers.

The exact date of its launching is still unknown but according to the latest rumor, it is expected that Microsoft Lumia 1050 will be launched in January-February, 2015 and shipping will be started in March 2016.

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