Pre-registration of the BlackBerry Priv is going on



The BlackBerry Priv which was initially known as BlackBerry Venice was announced recently. Now it is the latest Android phone from BlackBerry. Now the company has started the pre-registration of the device.

According to the pre-registration page the upcoming device will sport a 5.4” Quad-HD display with dual curved edges with Schneider-Kreuznach certified camera.

It will be powered by 3410 mAh battery and it will also include the Blackberry exclusive DTEK, a warning system app, which will provide more privacy to the users.

The device will also feature BlackBerry’s impressive audio quality with both touch and physical keyboards.

The previous rumors reveal that the device BlackBerry Priv will come with 4K recording at the cost of $630.

The date of availability is still unknown.

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