Images of upcoming smartphone of OnePlus (OnePlus Mini / OnePlus X) revealed Via TENAA


Recently, the upcoming device OnePlus Mini or OnePlus X with the model number E1005, got the certification via FCC.

Now the unannounced device OnePlus Mini / OnePlus X showed its presence at TENAA for further testing and at the same time it revealed the physical appearance of the device through leaked images.

The images of the device revealed it as the same device as spotted at FCC and also it will have the similar capacitive touch button compare to its predecessor OnePlus 2.

We can’t get the confirmation about its back cover; either it may be made up of plastic or glass. But we expect the device will come in metallic frame.

According to TENAA, the device OnePlus Mini / OnePlus X will feature a display of 4.99” and it will be powered by a battery of 2,450 mAh.

The dimension of the device will be 140 x 69 x 6.9 mm, which is probably close to the dimension 139.7 x 55.8 x 6.85 mm, revealed by FCC.

There is still contradiction about the exact name of the device, so we have to wait till its confirmation.

Proceed with us for more information.

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