Google Android One now in Europe

acquries 4.5

As we know that Google has manufactured the Android one smartphone which is a low-cost, high-quality Android phones after giving the kind regard towards the people who are unable to purchase expensive device. Generally Android One phones has been target at the developing market. This is why Google launched the device in Asia, the Middle East, and recently Africa as well.

However, the Aquaris A4.5 smartphone has been announced by Google Spain yesterday which is manufactured by Spanish manufacturer BQ so in this way Google is expanding Android One into the European market for the first time.

It’s almost features and specifications are common to other Android One phones. Aquaris A4.5 features the same MediaTek quad-core CPU, dual SIM support, and a MicroSD slot. It also includes a 3-month subscription to Google Play Music All Access and an impressive 5-year guarantee. Unfortunately, those five years do not cover software upgrades, with Google and BQ nonetheless promising 24 months of those.

It is interesting to hear that Aquaris A4.5 features a touchscreen that works with gloves. The device comes with a Quantum Color+ display, a Dolby sound system, 1 GB of RAM, 16GB of onboard storage, and a dual-flash 8 MP rear camera.

The Aquaris A4.5 is on sale which cost €169.90 in Spain and €179.90 in Portugal.

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