Galaxy Note 5: 10 Problems Users Must Know

Note 5


Today Galaxy Note 5 launched in India and is one of the major flagship device from Samsung which have some great features but it has some major drawbacks. Top ten drawbacks are listed below and one should know these drawbacks before buying it.

1. Non-removable battery / Sealed battery.
2. No SD card slot – This is one of the major drawback as SD card slot is major requirement of every Smartphone today.
3. Only 3000mAh battery – Note 5 has big screen and poweful processor which will drain battery quickly.
4. High cost
5. Single SIM slot
6. Only 32GB and 64GB memory option (Galaxy S6 have 128 GB option)
7. No IR blaster (Available in S6 and the Note 4)
8. No faux leather back finish like in Galaxy Note 4 – Note 5 has glass on the back which double the chance of breaking.
9. Fragile – Glass on front and back make it more fragile.
10. No waterproof – If you are making flagship then this feature is must.

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