Apple dominate wearable market



After analyzing the sale of the Apple Watch based on market research, we found that Apple is slowly but steadily capturing the wearable market continuously.

According to the latest report of Q2 2015 ,Apple smartwatch has magnificent 75.5% share of the whole smartwatch market, as confirmed by Strategy Analytics and also mentioned that due to the Apple’s wearable , the growth of smartwatch sale is increasing¬† properly every year and at present the sale of smartwatch is 457.3%.

About 1 million smartwatches were shipped in Q2 2014, which played the vital role to push the market with the present growth of 5.3 million.

The smartwatch market is full of fluctuations and this is confirmed by the position of Samsung, last year it had the market share of 73.6%. , but at present it has only 7.5% of share hold on the market.

So it is definitely a tough job for Apple to stay on top position with the good grip on market share.

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